Break Through Traditional Perimeters And Experience A New Firewall Paradigm

Still Relying On Traditional Network Firewalls In This New IoT Era?

Avnos Decentralised Software-Defined Firewall (DSDF) redefines existing perimeter defense technologies, breaking through traditional perimeters, and extending defense globally.

Avnos DSDF Policies are local to devices, providing always-on protection for devices wherever they are - internal network or on the public internet.

Decentralised Software-Defined Firewall (DSDF)

Minimizing The Attack Surface

Whitelisting Applications
Minimize the attack surface against unknown zero-day malware. Preventing execution of unauthorised applications.
Whitelisting Traffic
Minimize the attack surface against exploits, scripts and documents-based attacks. Effectively preventing downloads of 2nd stage payloads.
Global Threat-Intelligence
Accurate and up-to-date threat intelligence on newly detected infections. Reducing response time by effectively detecting and blocking malicious threat actors across your organisation.
Non-signature behavioral based engine. Stopping known and unknown ransomware encryption in real-time.

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